Build a speed control for radio control models!

We will show you how to build a speed control for only a fraction of the cost of those available commercially. This speed control uses a low-cost Pic12F675 micro controller and a few other basic components (resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes and a regulator.) Below is a photo of the speed control connected to the motor of a Lite-STIK. 

The speed control has the following features:

  • A BEC (battery eliminator circuit), thus you don’t need an extra battery for your receiver
  • Safety switch on – upon startup, the throttle must first be switched off before the speed control activates
  • Adjustable maximum voltage output – you can limit the maximum output of the speed control (e.g. the motor is rated at 6V, but you want to use three lithium-ion batteries)

We also supply the source code of the Pic12F675 to enable anyone to modify it and add more features!

Please note that we do not guarantee anything. If the speed control doesn’t work or you end up killing yourself, don’t blame (or sue) us – we’re completely innocent.

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