NagaSkaki is a free, fully functional chess program for Windows 98, NT, XP and Vista. It is available for download and you are encouraged to distribute it to as many people as you want (as long as it’s free!)

Screen capture of NagaSkaki 5.00
Screen capture of NagaSkaki 5.00

Features include:
Opening Book
Levels: Seconds/Move, Blitz, Tournament and different Personalities
Chess Clocks
Load/Save pgn files
Hash table
Shows best move and evaluation of position

New in Version 5.00
Display captured Pieces
Display possible moves
New Chess boards and pieces
Graphical setup of positionsWindows Vista compatible help file
Saved pgn files now compatible with most programs

Version 5.01
Minor bugfixes
Two extra chess boards

Version 5.12
Improved positional play
Fixed crashing when closing program in winboard mode
Minor bugfixes/improvements

To get a rough idea of the strengths of the different personalities, we’ve run a little tournament and these are the results:

NagaSkaki 4.0065/742300
Pete Damn53/742126
Reckless Dave19/741825
Dr. Felix5.5/741599
Miss Molly2.5/741472


  1. We’ve assumed that NagaSkaki has a rating of 2300
  2. The rating of the last two personalities is probably even lower, because they could only win against each other and not even draw a single game against the rest.