Chess Links

Tim Mann is the author of Winboard (a free graphical interface to allow computer programs to play against each other), also information on: GNU Chess, XBoard, WinBoard, Crafty, Internet Chess Servers, Zippy, Chess Web Sites, Chess FTP Sites, and more.
Arena is another free graphical interface for computer chess programs. Arena supports the winboard and UCI protocols and has a lot of extra features.
This is probably the most famous tournament for chess engines.
FICS is a Free Internet Chess Server.
Another Free Internet Chess Server with a Java interface. Not so many opponents, but at least they’re all human!
For those who only have a few minutes per day to play online chess.
Chessville has a lot of chess related stuff. You can also subscribe to their newsletter.
The week in chess is a chess news site.
The famous free chess program, Crafty. The source code is also available for download.
Technical papers by the creator of Crafty, Robert Hyatt.
The author of the commercial program, REBEL explains some of the programming techniques used in REBEL – very interesting!
The home page of DarkThought. Some interesting topics on how DarkThought plays chess.
The home page of Bruce Moreland (author of Gerbil) Contains information on computer chess programming on the Programming topics page.
Home page of the Beowulf Computer Chess Engine. Contains information on chess programming theory.