I’ve never really liked Hyper Terminal (the communications program bundled with windows) when it comes to serial communications. Thus I decided to write something specifically for programmers / engineers to make serial communications easy.

What I like about serialWizz:

  • No need to create a new connection every time you open the program
  • All the settings is always visible
  • You can copy and paste commands and send the whole string at once, or use it as a normal terminal and type letter by letter
  • The last commands used will be saved and can be selected by a drop down menu
  • “Loop Transmit” option very helpful when playing with something to see when it will “come alive”
  • “Hidden characters” can be shown as Hex values
  • Option to add a date stamp to received data
  • Handy serial pinout and ASCII table for quick reference
  • and lots more!

SerialWizz is very much a beta version, so please give us feedback!

Screenshot of SerialWizz