Download NagaSkaki

NagaSkaki is a freeware chess program for Windows.

What makes NagaSkaki different from most other chess programs is the personalities. Some personalities play so weak, almost everybody should be able to beat them while others are strong enough to beat most chess players.

This makes it a perfect program to learn and enjoy chess, cause who likes to always lose against a computer? 

To get a rough idea of the strengths of the different personalities, we’ve run a little tournament and here are the results:

NagaSkaki 4.0065/742300
Pete Damn53/742126
Reckless Dave19/741825
Dr. Felix5.5/741599 or less
Miss Molly2.5/741472 or less


  • We’ve assumed that NagaSkaki has a rating of 2300
  • The rating of the last two personalities is probably even lower, because they could only win against each other and not even draw a single game against the rest