Improve your cellphone/mobile reception

Signal Booster

Who would not want to improve the reception on their cellphone, especially if you only need to stick an antenna on the battery and voila!

I was lucky enough to receive $19.99 “As seen on TV” Cell Antenna for free when I bought my car radio. What a bargain – it’s like having a four foot antenna on your phone, reduces static, improves signal strength, and it works on any phone!


All you have to do is open your phone and stick this magical antenna onto the battery.

As you can probably guess by now, this is a total scam. For it to even have the remotest of changes to work, it should at least be made of a conducting material, like copper (which it looks like.) But when testing it for conductivity with a multimeter, it didn’t conduct at all.

This is just what it looks like – a shiny sticker – nothing more!

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